Internet Marketing Consulting

Website Performance Audit

Is your website driving customers away?

You invest a lot of time (and money) creating a website so your customers and potential customers can find you on-line. Once they get to your website, are they able to find what they need?

I will take a look at your website and offer 5-10 things you can change to improve a visitor’s experience on your website. Recommended items may include:

  • Changes to font & color schemes
  • Organization of information on the page
  • Organization of pages
  • Making the most of “on-page” SEO
  • Contact information
  • Suggestions for mobile
  • Other marketing ideas to promote your site

The Website Performance Audit includes:

  • A 30-45 minute review of your website
  • A written list of recommendations
  • A scheduled 30 minute consulting call to discuss recommended items and next steps

Total Cost = $150

Website Audit Request

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